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What is Floral Preservation?

Floral Preservation is the process that extracts moisture from fresh flowers, sealing the color and the natural shape.

When and How to Order?

Contact our store and we will help you set up an order before your wedding (or other floral event) or you can let us know as soon as possible after the event. If your event has already occurred act quickly, the fresher your flowers are when we receive them, the better. Please call ASAP to make arrangements.


How Long does Floral Preservation Take?


Our process runs anywhere between 6-8 months.

Can All Flowers be Preserved?


Of course the age and condition of the flowers at the time we receive them will determine how well they preserve. Damaged flowers can be replaced. Make sure to ask your florist to use the freshest flowers possible in your arrangement.

How Much does Preservation cost?

All our encasements are made from the finest materials available, many are custom made especially for House of Crystal. The cost is dependent on the type of container, the number of flowers, as well as engraving charges.

How do I care for the flowers before they are dried?

Caring for your flowers before you have them dried is important so that you have the best finished product you possibly can. If possible let your florist know that you will be having your flowers preserved. Have your florist use the freshest flowers as possible with out replacing any stems with wires.

Supply your flowers with a fresh water source to keep your flowers from wilting. For hand-held Bouquets clip the stems on an angle and place them in water in a cool spot, preferably a refrigerator. Never place flowers in freezer.

Tip: Flower food packets can be added to the water to help your flowers look their best. You can get this at most grocery stores that sell flowers.

Bring any extra flowers from the wedding or funeral you may have since some flowers get smashed or damaged during your event this way they can be replaced if needed.

If you need to ship your flowers, please contact us and we will advise on the best method for shipping.